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2000- 2011 Richard Ballinger NSA Cornwall
2006- 2010 Richard Ballinger Vice chair and committee member of NSA.
2010 Co Formed TAaP


1991 Richard Ballinger Commission of large paper Sculptures, Cork University, Eire.
2007 Richard Ballinger Curator for Porthmeor Studios, St Ives Society of Artists.
2007 Richard Ballinger Curator for NSA Group Show, St Ives Society of Artists.
2010 Co Curator Art 75 Group Show, Jubilee Pool, Penzance.
2010 Art Teaching, Tate St Ives, Baltics Cruise.


1993 Richard Ballinger Paper Sculptures, Studio International, Bristol.
1996 Richard Ballinger Paintings, 3D Gallery, Bristol.
2000 Richard Ballinger Paintings Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall.
2001 Richard Ballinger Paintings, Critics Choice, Newlyn Art Gallery.
2001 Richard Ballinger Paintings and Installation at Newlyn Art Gallery
2002 Richard Ballinger Paintings Critic Choice (Mel Gooding) Newlyn Art Gallery.
2003 Richard Ballinger Constructions, Critics Choice (Joan Bakewell) Newlyn Art Gallery. 2003 Constructions and Installation Exposure, Space Gallery, Penzance. 2003 Richard Ballinger Paintings, Royal Academy, Summer Show, London.
2004 Richard Ballinger Collage, ING Bank, Platform 100, London.
2005 Richard Ballinger Constructions, Solo Show, Oliver Contemporary, London.
2006 Richard Ballinger Constructions, Solo Show, Oliver Contemporary, London.
2007 Richard Ballinger Constructions, Solo Show, Oliver Contempoary, London.
2007 Richard Ballinger Constructions and Installation, Revolver Show, Penzance.
2007 Richard Ballinger Paintings, Solo Show, Cornwall Contemporary, Penzance.
2007 Richard Ballinger Installation, Linerage Group Show, Newlyn Art Gallery.
2010 TAaP Installation, Video, Performance, Possessed Possessions, Exchange Gallery, Penznace.
2012 TAaP Installation, Photographs and Performance TAaP, Glasgow School of Art. 2013 Video and Performance, Dark Rooms Show, Helston, Cornwall.
2013 TAaP Video, 3 points Contact, Exchange Gallery, Penzance.
2013 TAaP Richard Ballinger Painting, Suspended sentences, group show, Newlyn.
2014 TAaP Painting, Installation, Porthmeor Studio, St Ives.

2017  Paintings NSA group show Tremenere  Gallery, Penzance.                                                                                                                  2017  Painting NSA Critics Choice Tremenere Gallery, Penzance.

2018 Painting Short listed and commended runner up for Imagine show, Falmouth Art Gallery

2018  Paintings at Plumbline Gallery,  St Ives, Cornwall. 

2019  Solo Show  Oliver Contemporary, London.

2019  Group Show  BOSS, Pz Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall.

2020     Picture Room,  Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall. 

2020.   Group Show  Oliver Contemporary, Wandsworth, Londond

2020.    Group Show  Beyond Picasso,  Livingstone Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall.